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Here are a few examples of plaques we have manufactured in the past. Our custom awards, dedication, memorial, recognition and informative plaques can be any size, made of any material or combination of materials. We follow your specification or location needs.

To get started, send us your art for the plaque. If you don't have any designed yet, we do have design services available. Send us the copy for the plaque, a photo of your location where the plaque will be installed and an approximate size for the plaque.

Also, we welcome you to setup an appointment with us so we can go over the different materials and options available for your project.

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8" x 10" frosted acrylic plaque, this material is frosted on one side and is translucent. The letters are silver vinyl and the dogwood image is laser engraved into the face of the acrylic. It is mounted with four 1/2" standoffs. Plaque can be customize  to your specifications in any size, thickness, color and with any number of standoffs.
Dedication plaque made from corian, glass and wood with gold standoffs.
This is a 7" x 7" Award Plaque - Dark Brown background with Glass Green Acrylic face that is standing off the background using silver standoffs. The letters are laser etched. This plaque is designed to be adhesive mounted to a wall or flat surface.
Close-up of a custom made recognition wall in the shape of a dog paw, fabricated for a local Veterinary Clinic (Glass Green Acrylic with 1/4" stadoffs).
This is a polished faux-stone plaque mounted with standoffs onto a wood frame with silver copy. The overall size is 19"x17".
Custom bronze plaque for a historic home.
Half inch thick Corian plaque, polished to a high shine. The gold copy is engraved into the Corian palque, glass has etched letters on the back and the photo is mounted on the face of the glass. The letters above the plaque are 3/16" thick and 3 inches tall.
Custom brass plaque with brushed face, polished bevel edge, and black engraved letters.
Marble finish Corian recognition plaque, laser engraved with stained Mahogany top and bottom accent bars.
This is a 1/2" thick dedication plaque with custom solid wood frame, polished Corian plaque and laser engraved copy, 22" x 13".
This recognition plaque has removable, tamper proof faces, so you can place a photo of the employee of the month. It is a wood plaque, but can be customized in all ways; color, size, number of inserts, materials, shape and size. See more options here.
Clear acrylic art description (Art Id) plaque. Engraved from the back and in-filled with a custom color.
Stone frame with a corian plaque. Engraved letters in-filled gold.
Wood frame with an inlayed corian plaque polished to high gloss. Letters are engraved and in-filled with a metallic gold color.
The background of this plaque is brushed aluminum, wood backing, frosted circle all holding with silver standoffs. Silver brushed 1/8" dimensional letters on the acrylic
Wood frame with two full color graphics and a gold  laser engraved Rowmark plaque.